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Facebook Causes- quick survey please

Are you on Facebook? (or MySpace)
If so, do you use the Causes App?
Can you take a second and tell me in the comments section?(questions below after paste)

About Causes:
(cut and pasted from the Facebook site)
"Facebook Platform presents an unprecedented opportunity to engage our generation, most of whom are on Facebook, in seizing the future and making a difference in the world around us. Our generation cares deeply, but the current system has alienated us. Causes provides the tools so that any Facebook user can leverage their network of real friends to effect positive change.

The goal of all this is what we call "equal opportunity activism." We're trying to level the playing field by empowering individuals to change the world. Existing nonprofits must raise hundreds of millions of dollars and leverage massive direct marketing campaigns to attract members. We're democratizing activism by empowering activists with an arsenal of tools for users of Facebook who want to leverage their network on Facebook to effect positive change.

Any Facebook user with a little passion and initiative can create a cause, recruit their friends into that cause, keep everybody in the cause up-to-speed on issues and media related to the cause, and, most importantly, raise money directly through the cause for any U.S. registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit or Canadian registered charity. We process the donations automatically via credit card, tally the results, and report the donation activity via a public "scorecard" in the cause. This allows us to reward people who grow their causes, donate, and successfully raise money.

This is a natural evolution of social networking. Leveraging real world social networks is an important part of activism, fundraising, and political campaigning. This is especially true of grassroots activism, local-chapter style nonprofit organizations, and the walks/runs used by many charities to raise money. Given all this, it's a bit surprising that online social networks haven't been more aggressively leveraged until now."

so some quick questions, if you can answer in the comments I would sO appreciate...I'm just trying to get a better idea about where Causes stands with my peers right now in awareness and action:
1. Are you on either Facebook or Myspace?
2. Do you know about and/or use the Causes App?
3. If so, what causes have you joined?
4. Of the causes you have joined, have you donated to any?
5. any further comments/thoughts about it would be lovely but only if you have time. short quick answers will help too.

ps additionally if anyone wants to gather some more perspectives/answers from their friends/readers we can consolidate/discuss here?...
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