Sumner Khloe (sftstppingshoes) wrote in 10percentclub,
Sumner Khloe

hello everyone

Just wanted to show you all these websites and share what I'm in the process of doing. I've applied to be a mentor at the second chances foundation. ( ) Basically I want to provide empathy and guidance for children who aren't or haven't been raised in an ideal environment, or given ideal chances. I found it through a great website that can display mentoring opportunities by zip code. ( ). I am going to an orientation and if all goes well I should start soon. =) I'm stoked. I will be really happy to give back in a way that suits me because I love working with children. (At least I think I do. Fingers crossed.) jk, I do. But I do think I will get some inner peace from this. I hope this is the kind of post that is wanted here. Thanks all! :)
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