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Hello all!

I guess I've always been interested in volunteer work and giving back, but I've been really busy with life the past few years and have sort of forgotten to be involved until recently. So I was very excited to find this community!

I work as an educator for Paul Mitchell the School (yes, Paul Mitchell the hair care line) - but what some people don't know is how much philanthropy work we do.
John Paul DeJoria has a quote that I love - "Success unshared is failure."
Here is the Head for Change website where you can find out more.

Each year every Paul Mitchell school participates in a huge fundraiser and the schools to raise the most money get to choose a guest artist. Some of the charities that we raise money for are:

Food 4 Africa

The Larry King Cardiac Foundation

The Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation

The Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation

and many, many more

The school I work at does a fashion show each year as part of our fundraising - I'll put the video behind a cut because this post is getting long!

I am very happy to be part of a company that does so much.

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Love this post! thank you:)
and yes I can't wait for this to be the norm- all companies and individuals integrating and highlighting giving and being part of positive change where it's needed.
Glad to see this company is doing so much. And it obviously makes those who work for the company proud and enthusiastic as well. kudos. It's the way it should be:)
thanks for all the links and video!