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Earthquake in Haiti (texts, ripples and swarms)

Spent Jan 13th, 2010 researching/learning more about the devastating earthquake in Haiti and relief efforts while plugged into Facebook as the messages and pulses spiralled around. Watching/listening for the swarmspeak, mass action and effects.

Please contribute to the Texting campaigns -a great idea for getting the masses to help immediately/ accumulating an abundance of small donations:
Text 'Haiti' to 90999 to donate $10 immediately to the Red Cross. amount will be added on to your monthly phone bill.( more info )
Text 'Yele' to 501501 to donate $5 to Yele.org, Wyclef Jean's grassroots campaign for Haiti relief and development. I tried doing both but did not get the reply confirmation that is supposed to come immediately after...?

In my research, Doctors Without Borders still felt the best bet for donating...they were already on the ground and working there....a major facility of theirs damaged...and now working out of temporary structures doing what needs to be done. So many injuries...let's help them help. I chose to go through Facebook Cause for Doctors without Borders.

"Besides the contributions from major countries, innovative text message services and internet campaigns had brought in millions....
A cellphone campaign set up by the US Red Cross had raised more than $8m early on Friday, with the money pouring in at the rate of $100 000 an hour, officials said.
Celebrities urged the world to help as well, and a text message campaign run by Yele Haiti, a grassroots group founded by former Fugees singer Wyclef Jean, who has Haitian roots, had raised more than $2m." - news24.com

Donating by Text: Haiti Fundraising Goes Viral- TIME mag

U.N. launches Haiti emergency appeal for $550 million:...
See More

please continue to help with any donations you can and spread the word/encourage others.
The mass fundraising and relief efforts for Haiti and the behavior of geese out here this week bring to mind my hopes for what we are capable of. As we try to develop a global helping hand... let this inspire:

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