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10% feedback/ PeaceCorps Women's Shea Butter project in Ghana

Somedays going to the mailbox yields big treats. Things like this always make my day and remind me why I 10%....to hear some good news coming from around the world...places and projects where I pulsed out a little 10% love. News from the Fistula Foundation that they are expanding and helping more women. Newsletters from Cambodia's Center for Children's Happiness. etc. Here is some news from Ghana, a women's group setting up a sustainable Shea Butter enterprise with the help of Erin, a wonderful Peace Corps Volunteer and the rest of us just pitching in from other parts of the world.:

ghana shea butter card
ghana shea butter card inside
ghana shea butter project

You can always find amazing projects to help out with on the Peace Corps Volunteer Projects page- click on any of them to find out more, and donate securely on the site: https://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=resources.donors.contribute.donatenow&
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wowwww that's amazing