avaD (avad) wrote in 10percentclub,

Zimbabwe's worsening crisis- Doctors Without Borders

I received this update from one of my favorite organizations: Doctors Without Borders

Zimbabwe's worsening crisis - more than half of the people need food and medical aid

please read, donate something/anything, spread the word. We just can't let things like this go on when we are aware of them! If we all do just a little we CAN help end the suffering.
I'm short on cash these days but I'm still eating and healthy and have shelter..I'm going to donate $10- this is life and death crisis and this org is doing all they can. Please join me? $5 or $10? In aggregate it can make a difference.
xo Darlene
Tags: 10% club, crisis, doctorswithoutborders, donate, zimbabwe
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