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Birthday WIsh: 2 Legs to Walk On, please.:)

It felt so wonderful last year to be able to raise some money on my birthday for a cause I really care about-Sobornost's work with the orphans in Africa- Posted it on Facebook using Facebook Causes Birthday Wish and I thank you all who participated/donated- it was so satisfying. My birthday is tomorrow again...there are so many causes that have moved me this past year...that I want to DO Something about...so I've been looking forward to the Birthday WIsh for a long while.
Lately, I've been thinking a lot about basic things...and what it takes to feel 'capable'. Whenever I've felt overwhelmed, or focused on what I 'need'...I've been reminding myself often of the gift of having two legs to walk on....and starting from there...knowing that I can do so much in this life. So that was my inspiration for this year's wish: I wonder if you would help me...in honor of my birthday.....to join me in giving that most basic starting point to someone somewhere in the world who does Not have it.

Prosthetic Outreach Foundation's Mission is to create opportunities for children and adults in developing countries who suffer from limb loss and deformities to lead more fulfilling lives.
POF creates opportunities for children and adults in developing countries who suffer from limb loss and limb deformities to lead more fulfilling lives. POF provides access to prosthetics, orthopedic surgery, physical rehabilitation, and non-medical assistance, such as micro-lending.

I think that would be the most meaningful birthday gift of all this year to me. Remembering the Gift of having 2 legs to walk on...by giving that gift to someone who shows us how to really appreciate it. The thought/reminder alone puts me in a stronger place, a thankful place, a Capable and powerful and generous place. Maybe it will feel the same for you. Visit the Prosthetic Outreach Foundation's website and or watch the video if you'd like to find out more...they have an amazing program in place...creating a sustainable loop of even training people to be able to create the prosthetics there, giving employment opportunities in areas of such great need. If you can donate just $10 (or any amount) to this wonderful organization it would mean so much. Someone can walk, someone gets a job, and we remember that we can always Do something.
Please go through the Birthday Wish page here if you're on Facebook (so that it shows in the total- which is so inspiring) and if not please just donate through their website and let me know about it in a comment here on LJ? I've raised over $300 so far and I'm excited to see if it can go much higher and do much more!!? THANK YOU!! muchlove, Darlene
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